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Got a microphone? Love yelling? Love making passersby think you're crazy? This is the game for you. Yell at a little cube until it does what you want, which may or may not have been on accident.

Disclaimer: Your microphone likely differs from mine and will be super finicky, but I tried to make the settings as simple and clear as possible.

For posterity: This was done for GMTK 2020 Game Jam https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020 - accomplished in somewhere under 24 hours for the theme of "Out of Control".  I decided to join this jam at the last minute, so hopefully this holds up for a project done by one person in half the available time. Also, my voice hurts from testing this while building.


Casey "Boz" Weeks - Code n Design n Stuff

Will open source the code soon. I wanna clean it up a little first. 
Edit: Source is up on github... I think. Or bitbucket. It's somewhere and I'm not checking.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorBoz of Aesth
Tags2D, microphone, voice-controlled


AaaAaAaAhhHhH - 004.zip 21 MB


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Got a few vocal techniques up my sleeve that just fill out the entire spectrum and pin the poor cube to the ceiling lol


This is the best game of all time in which I have had to yell at a cube. Seriously though, well worth the download and an absolute hoot.


top tier concept, fun, more fun to listen to people play it while you play it, loved it


It's actually pretty funny! Gotta love shouting random short numbers because longer ones slow you down xD


Hah, yelling numbers, haven't heard of that one yet. It's cool how everyone has their own "thing" they say.

Deleted 2 years ago


Honestly legit! Super unique idea. 


Good dumb fun! Love it! Presentation is simple but really effective!

"Dumb fun" is my new favorite way to refer to this game. Maybe the genre?