Version 2 - post jam updates

Since the original LD40 submission, Deckest Dungeon was featured by on Twitter and therefore a “closer to the original version” was in order.

  • Vastly improved the UX for the cards
  • Implemented an affinities system much closer to the original vision - AKA: The class system: Fighter takes less damage. Druid has a heal bonus with all affinities and a slight damage bonus with spiritual (green). Mage has a large damage bonus with arcane (blue). Druid and Mage do less damage with physical (red).
  • Increased the hp of enemies and players to account for the class system but not as much for players
  • Added damage jitter to the cards so they don’t always do the exact same damage
  • Reduced the amount of healing enemies are able to do
  • Made healing much more important for players
  • Added “Next Turn” to the UI
  • The card deck now starts with an even number of affinities for attack and a few heals
  • Fixed any cards where the affinity (color) didn’t match up with the description
  • Implemented new high damage tradeoff cards to add depth to the gameplay
  • Removed cards that had negative effects but nothing else
  • Made card slot background less transparent to show up better
  • Balanced gameplay around new cards/gameplay

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Dec 09, 2017

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