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You and your party of card squires have found yourselves on a dangerous quest to slay monsters, however there's a problem: your deck of magic has been cursed! Now instead of powerful wizardry spells, you have hexed cards that work against you. Skillfully use them to get through to the unaffected cards and survive the dungeon. Can you reach the boss?


Since the original LD40 submission, Deckest Dungeon was featured by on Twitter and therefore a “closer to the original version” was in order.

Version 5 Updates 2/1:

  • Added protection to prevent other (unlicensed) sites from stealing the game and  collecting ad revenue without permission.
  • Added a button to reshuffle the your hand but lose a turn and removed the reshuffle card.
  • New gameover screen
  • Other various minor bug fixes and rebalances.

Version 4 Updates 12/14:

  • Split the Tutorial into three parts to see if it lowers the dropoff rate at the tutorial and early levels.
  • Updated the interface to not require the spacebar to navigate, which means you can now do everything from the mouse.

Version 3 Updates 12/13:

  • The shuffle hands into deck card now has the right art and always gives you a full hand
  • Made the more interesting cards drop more often.
  • "Get cards but take damage" cards now pull 3 cards from the deck instead of 2. Also, you take less damage from them.
  • Affinity themed particle effect now appears over characters when hit.

Version 2 Updates 12/09:

  • Vastly improved the UX for the cards
  • Implemented an affinities system much closer to the original vision - AKA: The class system: Fighter takes less damage. Druid has a heal bonus with all affinities and a slight damage bonus with spiritual (green). Mage has a large damage bonus with arcane (blue). Druid and Mage do less damage with physical (red).
  • Increased the hp of enemies and players to account for the class system but not as much for players
  • Added damage jitter to the cards so they don’t always do the exact same damage
  • Reduced the amount of healing enemies are able to do
  • Made healing much more important for players
  • Added “Next Turn” to the UI
  • The card deck now starts with an even number of affinities for attack and a few heals
  • Fixed any cards where the affinity (color) didn’t match up with the description
  • Implemented new high damage tradeoff cards to add depth to the gameplay
  • Removed cards that had negative effects but nothing else
  • Made card slot background less transparent to show up better
  • Balanced gameplay around new cards/gameplay

Art : Mark Usmiani -

Animation: Connor Wilson -

Sound: Carmine Dominicus -

Programming : Boz -

Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorBoz of Aesth
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 40, Strategy RPG
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksLudum Dare


Download 43 MB

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Extremely cute game, love the enemies, and only have one real complaint. When it comes to hitting, the sounds are a bit... rough. Other than that, really cute and awesome game! I will say, I was pretty dumb trying to figure out what to do in terms of attacking lmao. Please keep up the amazing work!

I like this game. Though the boss is easier than the level before it.


Very fun. Great job!

(1 edit) (+2)

Very good. I like the mini tutorials you get after completing each of the first few levels. It feels like it's a perfect fit for a phone or tablet.


Cute visuals!

(1 edit) (+1)

Well done. Pretty basic but with good potential for expanding gameplay, and catchy to the eye.