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Youve got one shuriken... and no time. Use your blazing speed, lightning-quick reflexes and ninja kick powers to make your one shot count.

Kickochet is the result of a GMTK 2019 weekend gamejam effort, with all conceptualization, planning, development, art, design, and music produced during the time between theme reveal (8/2/2019 2PM CST) and submission deadline (8/4/2019 4PM CST).

The Making of Kickochet (with tips for game jammers and a ton of gifs): https://medium.com/@caseyweeks/the-making-of-kickochet-a-gmtk2019-jam-game-f4931c670b32

Project Lead, Programming, Game Design, Level Design: Casey "Boz" Weeks https://twitter.com/huminaboz

Gameplay Art: Mark Usmiani https://mark-usmiani.tumblr.com/ | https://twitter.com/MarkUsmianiArt 

Music: Haberworks  https://soundcloud.com/haberworks 

Animation: John Hughes  www.johnhughesillustration.comhttps://twitter.com/JohnHughesArt

AI, Level Design, & Misc Programming: John "NanoDano" Leon https://www.devdungeon.com/

Title Card/In-game card Art: c0hil https://www.instagram.com/c0hil/

Art Direction/Concepts/Logo and HUD: KFlan

Inquiries: aesthgame@gmail.com

Install instructions

Windows: It's unity - open up the unity exe and you're good to go.


KickoChet 011.zip 34 MB


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Awesome game mechanics, fun to play.


Great game, though the timelimit is a bit unforgiving. I kicked my way to the top!