Posted Jan 9, 2019:
Wishlist the official Kickochet release on Steam! (coming soon)

Posted Dec 3, 2019:
Big news coming soon about Kickochet!

Kickochet was featured in the top 20 best games of GMTK 2019 gamejam!

Youve got one shuriken... and no time. Use your blazing speed, lightning-quick reflexes and ninja kick powers to make your one shot count.

Kickochet is the result of a GMTK 2019 weekend gamejam effort, with all conceptualization, planning, development, art, design, and music produced during the time between theme reveal (8/2/2019 2PM CST) and submission deadline (8/4/2019 4PM CST).

The Making of Kickochet (with tips for game jammers and a ton of gifs):

Project Lead, Programming, Game Design, Level Design: Casey "Boz" Weeks

Gameplay Art: Mark Usmiani | 

Music: Haberworks 

Animation: John Hughes  www.johnhughesillustration.com

AI, Level Design, & Misc Programming: John "NanoDano" Leon

Title Card/In-game card Art: c0hil

Art Direction/Concepts/Logo and HUD: KFlan


Updated 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Top-Down

Install instructions

Windows: It's unity - open up the unity exe and you're good to go.


KickoChet 34 MB


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Awesome game mechanics, fun to play.


Great game, though the timelimit is a bit unforgiving. I kicked my way to the top!