This is an MiniLD70 submission.
Note: The web version has most of the visual effects turned off.

Negative is a game based on Determinism that feels as though it's driven by fate. You could say this game is a metaphor for trying to work your way through the machine of reality. It holds no ill-will towards you, it simply functions... and you're trapped inside.

This game started with an awesome track from The game is based on phases of the track, so make sure you have your sound on!

7 stages total to match the 7 phases of the song plus an outro on the win screen.

Any feedback provided will help roll into the next versions :D

Future Plans

  • Collision system for non-rectangular objects (opening up a vast new palette for level design)
  • Shaders for lighting and level effects
  • Sync better with the music
  • Powerups/Points/Etc
  • Rewind music back to the checkpoint and quickly play the level backwards
  • Black/White Overlap to create impassable areas
  • Web Version
  • Mobile-friendly version
  • Revisions based on feedback

Install instructions

Unzip, double click to open :)


Download 65 MB
Download 33 MB

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