Reach is a neat little 2D trampoline mini game with cool music.

This is a vastly improved version of a Ludum Dare 34 submission. The plan is, if you like it, let us know and we'll add more content!

Keyboard: A & D | Left & Right Arrows | Spacebar
Controller: Joystick and a button of some sort, find it!

Programming, Art, Game Design: Boz
Music: Matt & Justin




Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 34, trampoline
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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Boooozzz. It's me Christian! Dude, This game is sooo goood! Carol sent us the link! It has so much potential! Let's talk this week. I have a lot of suggestions! :D

Fun and very satisfying, though I felt like it was mostly luck if I got float or weight after a while. Maybe you could add so the faster you go the more time you get to react or something. Also +1 for the speedometer! :D


Yeah, I liked the way it got harder as you go faster, but could definitely use some more work to feel more fair. It does give you more lead time based on your speed, but there's still something missing. Thanks for the feedback!

Great idea and nice art! I Really like it!

Awesome, glad you like it! I like what you're up to too :)

I love the way you're using itch background to get better immersion. At first time i was thinking that you have full width player. ;) Thanks!

Hahaha loved it, guys! Great job. Keep working on it. And please add a speedometer, it would be really interesting to have that metric as the game progresses.

Glad you liked it, that's a great idea!

Hey! Its pretty cool! I got to 100k haha! Are you guys making the spikes dangerous, maybe add different sizes too? That would make the game harder and even more interesting! Good job!


Hey, thanks! Both those ideas are up for consideration, probably would be the next thing to work on - making the red weights more punishing on the way up.

Sounds awesome! Goodluck with everything!