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The year is 1999, Vampire Survivors hasn't even come out yet and twilight is just a certain time of day.


10 Minutes to Y2K is a cyberspace Vampire Survivors with jumping and a touch of Dicey Dungeons.

Power up your six weapons and synergize with ten upgrades to eliminate the virus threat.


Survive for ten minutes to win!



  • Play Testers: Txnoiz, Zac "Facenda" Landahl, Chlmin, Kyle Wiley


10 Minutes to Y2K_0.99c.zip 110 MB

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Nice upgrade system! Deserve a full paid game version


So when I played, you couldn't actually turn the music and sound off-- the settings didnt save, and there was no way to save them manually, but it has potential and is fun!


Good catch, that's been fixed!