Boz of Aesth

A narrative woven out of sequence - shifting chronology renders transformative context to your actions as you progress.
A survival horror/roguelite/dark decision-making card game hybrid where morality conflicts with survival.
Card Game
Surrealist point-and-click adventure game with a touch of existential dread and a whole lot of escapism.
Proof of concept for an SMT-inspired RPG where dice rolls are replaced with quick time events.
Role Playing
A tough-as-nails-lite™ action game where you kick your only shuriken off walls, around puzzles, and through robots.
Use your microphone to yell at a cube.
A cyberspace 3D Vampire Survivors with jumping and a touch of Dicey Dungeons.
Help a party of Card Squires survive the Deckest Dungeon.
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A one button game where you charge and release a dash to wreck robots before a soulless corporation wrecks you.
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Guide Johnny Tileseed through the skies by growing and destroying tiles
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There's a possibility Zazzes aren't the most important discovery of the decem-millenniuum. But no one believes it.
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A neat 2D trampoline mini game with cool music.
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Toggle between black and white to pass through opposite-colored walls in music-themed challenges.