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We're working on updating Twilight Tower from a short story to a full narrative and releasing it separately, sign up for the newsletter for updates & beta access: https://aesth.substack.com/


A survival horror/roguelite/dark decision-making card game hybrid with a creepy, other-worldly narrative where morality conflicts with survival.

Escape the sand.


Aesth Team

Chat with us on Discord: https://aesth.games/

boz@aesth.games for inquires

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorBoz of Aesth
GenreCard Game, Role Playing, Survival
TagsRoguelite, Survival Horror


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2021-03-28-1814 Twilight Tower Mac.app.zip 53 MB
2021-05-22-234 Twilight Tower.zip 46 MB

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very cool atmosphere, the game makes me want to know more about the lore

Can't run it (MacOS Monterey 12.4). Error message: 

The application “2021-03-28-1814 Twilight Tower Mac” can’t be opened.

Really cool. While reading, I found this "it's" instead of "its":


really really cool!!! definitely gonna keep an eye out for the full release! One thing I always suggest is just having difficulty options, I'd like an easy mode to experience the narrative and then a harder difficulty to play again for the mechanics. I find that makes it appealing to more people. Really like it overall, great art and music, really cool ideas, enjoying the story.

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Nice game! I dig the aesthetic. Although it's not the same genre, it gives me The Shrouded Isle vibes.

There are 2 things that I'd personally like to see - some small UX improvements:
- Visual indicator of stat being close to its max level (for example red color for stat which value is over 90),
- Result text after each turn could be more distinguished from other text - now it kind of breaks the immerse for me. Ideally, I'd like to keep the right sidebar story-only and left sidebar stats-only. As this can be tricky to do, a different background or text color for Results would help, too.

Anyway, good luck!


Thanks for the feedback, that helps a lot :)


It was the most engrossing game I've played in a while

This is a great video, I really enjoyed it. Got a lot of good notes as well.

Glad you liked it, and glad you can use the feedback!
Thanks again for making the game; it was engrossing

At first wanted to say: Thank you! for this awesome game, this is  exactly the stuff I crave! I really love the enemy design in this game too.

Looking forward to new updates, keep up the good work!

Thank you! I'll be sending out beta invites via https://www.getrevue.co/profile/aesth if you want to get in on that :)

Game looks awesome! Is there any chance you port it on mobile?

I don't think it's outside of the realm of possibilities, considering the simplistic nature of the controls. But cramming all that UI into a smaller screen may take some Herculean levels of UX work. But again, not outside of the realm of possibilities.

Bug - if you skip dream sequence, the game freezes

Oh did that find it's way into this version? Thanks for letting me know!


Fixed it, thanks so much for letting me know!

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this is a really good game, the graphics are pretty and sounds affects are used appropriately.  It's format is also pretty unique and intresting. I'm not sure if  you're still adding features, but maybe when you die you can choose to restart on that day? other than that it really good worldbuilding with intresting characters!

Thanks for the suggestion :)

We are indeed still working on this and starting signups for testers of future versions if you want to join: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/aesth


I'd love to! I'm excited for future updates :-)


Great game, I love card games but never played something like this, despite how it could look in the beginning the game gets really intense, as you need to balance your well being, the moral implications of your actions and the distance from the sand. Perfect for a lot of replayability, the user interface is also really well crafted.

The dreams sequences between each day are also really interesting and spooky, I normally make suggestions in my reviews but I believe this game is perfect as it is, obviously the only problem is that is not more like this to keep playing.

One of the other comments mentioned you should add more cards but I believe having limited resources and options is part of the narrative of the game and it fits perfectly.

Once again, great game!

Thanks Hikiyami!

It looks like you were playing a slightly older version - if you ever do the replay you were talking about you can check out the latest version.

Also, we're reworking the game a bit to have more replayability and will be releasing the links for it via https://www.getrevue.co/profile/aesth if you're interested :)


Interesting game to play, has a lot of replayability. Text kind of small though and even lack interaction with the fantasy detail. But it's still good!~


Awesome! Thanks for making this video!

I saw you hit a few bugs that have been fixed in the latest versions. But nothing too bad. I took some notes during your run and will make some fixes based from your gameplay. Thank you so much :)

Really? I didn't even notice it!


Amazing art!

Thank you!


Really enjoyed this. I really love how you sketched out this setting through the writing, card art, and scenario. Some of the design reminded me of Cultist Simulator-- really nice use of limited choices/turn to turn the screws of resource management and decision making.

Always love your combo of narrative and mechanics! Another great one.


Thanks EM! I'll have to check that Cultist Simulator out.