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Surrealist point-and-click adventure game with some word play, a whole lot of escapism, a dab of humor, and a dollop of existential dread.

The idea for the story came from constantly dreaming about being stuck in small indoor spaces and looking for nature. Likely a reflection of living in quarantine.

While not the first creation in The Abandoned universe, this is the first released creation. We currently have a Graphic Novel in the works as well as a larger game. Join us at https://aesth.games/ for updates on those endeavors.


Update 2021-02-14: Added the OST for sale.

Update 2021-02-01: Official release!

Update 2020-12-01: Made several improvements to the text, as well as QoL changes and performance fixes. Added official music.


Art & Scene Concepts:

Game Design, Programming, Writing, UI, Music:
Casey "Boz" Weeks


Thank you to all musicians who allowed us to use their music in the previous versions of Meta Form:

A special thank you to everyone who helped test Meta Form - future players are carried upon your broken backs.

aesthgame@gmail.com for inquiries.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Meta Form 1.0.zip 93 MB
Meta Form OST - Boz.zip 64 MB
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I loved it! Very interesting experience

Fantastic! Thank you for letting me know :)


Really enjoyed played! It definitely hit home a little bit. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it and also recorded a video of your play through! Thanks :)

great game, really enjoyed it. the way it handles internal struggles is well done. thanks for putting it in the bundle.

gameplay question, don't read if you haven't played:




i finished the game(loved entrophy's look and music). but i had one question, is it possible to change beliefs or sfeilb? i got the totems from them (total 10) but i was wondering if i was supposed to do something with the shrine to make the beliefs stop worshipping or if i was only supposed to get reflect for the mirror. 

thanks again!


You know, you're actually not the first person to ask that. That's a layer deeper than I was thinking and now I want to make that mean more based on feedback, but you're correct - it's just to get the reflection.

And thanks for playing!

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made me cry. It's an interesting game to say the least . . .

i like it


I want to say that makes me happy to hear, but that sounds wrong. I'll just leave it at I'm happy you liked it!

Hello, I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to have one of your games be part of a Visual Novel co-op bundle?

I'm planning to run the bundle from March 7th to 21st. Revenue would be split equally. And the bundle price would be set at $1 USD per game.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I'm interested - send me details at aesthgame@gmail.com :)


What an experience. Amazing concept. Great Wordplay. Quite the ending.


Excellent game, short and compelling. The writing, visuals, and music are spot on, and the gameplay mechanic is clever and fun.


Hey! Glad you enjoyed :)

And thank you so much for the help along the way with the  Dialogue System for Unity. 


Note to other game devs that may see this comment:
If anyone else is wondering about the dialogue system in this game, this is the creator! Check it out, it helped this game move right along during the jam and the creator is super helpful and responsive: